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Message from the Director


The Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment or ONESQA is an independent public organization under the Office of the Prime Minister established in 2000. The National Education Act of 1999 authorized ONESQA to conduct the external quality assessment (EQA) once every five years for all educational institutions in Thailand from pre-school, basic, vocation and technical, and higher education. In the Fourth Round EQA (2016 – 2020), ONESQA has to manage EQA for 59,145 educational institutions nationwide including 21,256 Child Development Centers; 36,839 primary and secondary schools; 784 vocational and technical colleges; and 266 higher education institutions.

The aim of ONESQA’s mission is to evaluate the quality of education throughout Thailand in order to stimulate educational institutions to deliver quality education to learners who will be endowed with competence, analytical skill, morality and integrity, so as to live happily with other people and to have necessary skills for the 21st century.

ONESQA is tasked to develop EQA standard, criteria and process. In so doing, the office cooperates with parent organizations, educational institutions and relevant agencies to develop effect EQA ant to promote quality culture among educational institutions by encouraging them to utilize EQA results for continuous improvement.

One of the challenges for ONESQA is to act in response to current educational reform for Thailand 4.0 Policy that requires Thai youth to keep pace with changes in order to be competitive. Thai learner needs to have the skills and abilities to respond to the current social changes. This is a new challenge to re-define the new Education 4.0, to produce intelligent human resources who are creative and innovative.

This year is the 18th years of the operation of ONESQA, therefore, we are working hard to enhance the credibility and confidence to the Thai public. Consequently, ONESQA adheres to the current government policy on education reform by following the self-sufficiency economy philosophy of His Majesty the King Rama IX as guiding principles for our mission as follows:

  1. Simple, EQA process must be simple for understanding and transparent.
  2. Sufficiency, EQA can respond to institutional needs and the country’s problems. It will reduce paperwork burden for teachers and amount of time that teachers have to spend outside classroom to undergo EQA.
  3. Flip to technology, ONESQA new EQA system will use big data technology to analyze performance of individual institutions and to develop Automated QA system to support online EQA to assist institutions during EQA process.
  4. Flexibility, the new EQA will be aligned with parent organizations’ IQA system. ONESQA introduces new standards and criteria that fits for purpose of different types and context of educational institutions in order to ensure that EQA will focus on authentic quality assessment of each educational institution.
  5. Connectivity, educational institutions and their personnels will be connected online with ONESQA to interchange information for effecient assessment, implementation and accurate data processing.
  6. Collaboration, ONESQA will collaborate with stakeholders and parent organizations to enhance quality of education.
  7. Sustainable happiness, relevant partners and stakeholders will involve in EQA process happily and will utilize EQA results for sustainable development.

I hope you will explore this website with satisfaction and revisit it more often to learn about EQA movement and to connect with other people in the field of quality assurance. Please feel free to send me your feedback to let me know what should be developed or improved further in order that the quality of our education will be a great leap forward and “no learner will be left behind”.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Namon Jeerungsuwan

Director, ONESQA


Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization)

24 th Floor., Phayatai Plaza 128 Phaya Thai Rd., Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

phone white icon md (+662) 216-3955 Ext. 221, 218 Icon Fax (+662) 216-5044-6 email icon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.