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Assessors development training courses compose of 6 modules as follows:

  • Module 1 Standards and Indicators (EQA guidelines) for 3 days, the training will be concentrated on Quality Code and Guidelines, government policies, National Education Act, ethics, etc.
  • Module 2 Institutional Assessment for 3 days, the training will focus on quantitative and qualitative data collections, significance of institutional audit, how to look into the essential contextual element of assessed institution including understanding of underlying aspirations for standards and achievement, SWOT analysis, planning and development, and how to write good EQA report etc.
  • Module 3 EQA Report Writing for 3 days, training will provide comprehension on how to prepare effective EQA report, its benefit, holistic recommendations for improvement, as well as planning report writing, report writing according to the standards and criteria (Quality Code, Guidelines), performance indicators, technic for report preparation and format, etc.
  • Module 4 EQA Assessor Training for 5 days, the training will focus on hands-on experiences.
    1. Understanding of institutional context and knowledge, QA at institutional level, including how to report results of external quality assessment.
    2. Practice of external assessment by means of qualitative data and evidence collection supporting holistic feedback (holistic view).
    3. To practice presentation of verbal assessment report and the necessary skills for external assessment.
    Target group:
    1. Personnel responsible for in quality assurance at educational institution.
    2. Applicants for external assessor.
    Benefit for trainee:
    1. Learning to apply EQA Guidelines and indicators, criteria and standards for assessing at an institutional level for writing of EQA report.
    2. Gaining experience from collecting qualitative data and evidence, as well as learning how to write effective recommendations for assessed institution.
    3. Having confidence in writing EQA report and enhancing necessity skills for EQA. Building up competency in analysis, passing judgment on assessment, team work, presentation skill and mediation skills.
  • Module 5 Trainee Assessment for 1 day, the training requires all trainees to join actual site visit. Chairperson of the assessment team will be evaluated whether trainees will pass the training or not. To be eligible for the certification as external assessors, trainees will have to pass such evaluation three times before receiving the certification as external assessor. Training of this module includes workshop, evaluation of the result of case study, group assignment and discussion.
  • Module 6 The Study Visit of Good Practice for 1 day, the study visit will provide trainees with opportunity to observe institution with QA good practices.

Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization)

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