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The basic qualifications on ONESQA’s regulation regarding scopes of duties and a supervision of the external assessors for educational quality assessment of higher education are as follows:

  1. At least 30 years old when applying for the license as external assessor.
  2. A minimum of Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Knowledge and experience in a successful career in relevant agencies and organizations may be accepted
  3. Never committed any criminal offences or violations.
  4. Knowledge of, and ability to apply education principles, guidelines, learning process, quality assurance system and higher education standards for EQA (must have research works or awards to support the qualifications).

Prohibitions are as follows:

  1. Not being a physical disability or mental deficiency which obstruct of being external assessor.
  2. Not being a bankrupt, or an incompetent person.
  3. Being sentenced to imprisonment.
  4. Never having been imprisoned. Unless the offense committed by means of negligence or misdemeanors.
  5. In case of those who used to be in government service, such person must not have ever been reprimanded for any serious disciplinary action.

Nevertheless, ONESQA may establish more rules of qualifications and prohibitions in the recruitment of qualified external assessors.

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