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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

ONESQA places a great emphasis on its assessors’ professionalism. Accordingly, it has defined external assessors’ attributes as follows: 1) Assessors must produce a professional evaluation report. 2) Assessors must perform their duties with professional ethics, especially in relation to confidentiality of individuals and no conflicts of interest. 3) Assessors must take up their role as “Quality Ambassador”, encouraging educational institutions to use EQA results for further quality development. All assessors have to strictly follow the code of ethics/conducts, requiring assessors to carefully review guidelines for mutual understanding and sign a code of ethics/conducts agreement.

As regards the performance of assessors, ONESQA monitors and assesses it through EQA report reviews and feedback from the institutions. For quality assessors, their licenses will be renewed every two (2) years and given recognition at national/international forums ONESQA organizes. On the other hand, assessors whose performances are in doubt or have led to complaints, ONESQA has its regulations to handle the cases. It has a working committee on the appeal and complaint management to investigate cases, follow-up on the progress, report the outcome, and disseminate the decisions.

Process to Ensure External Assessors’ Professionalism and Ethics

process to ensure external assessor

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